President’s message

Message from the President
[ Challenging ourselves will lead to great advancement. Let’s go on the offensive. ]

Thank you for visiting our website.

Since 1943 when it was founded by the previous President, Nozawa Seisakusyo has been a specialist in the machining, surface treatment, assembly, and sales of various types of compasses for drawing purposes for over 70 years.

Looking back on its history from inception to date, I am proud to see that our company has had the technological and adaptive capabilities to consistently automate each compass manufacturing process that was previously performed by hand, while our world has been going through this significant analog-to-digital transformation.

Through its evolutionary process, the company has acquired sufficient machining technology and technique for manufacturing light, thin, short, and small objects, which is one of our core businesses today. As a result, Nozawa Seisakusyo has become a one-stop manufacturing solution company that is capable of performing comprehensive machining and surface treatment work for various medical equipment parts, light electric appliance parts, and semiconductor parts.

As we continue to focus our resources on making quality compasses and light, thin, short, and small parts,

while trying to remain playful, ambitious and always remembering the challenger spirit as we face each of our tasks.

We are determined to improve ourselves each day,

your continued business cooperation with us will be highly appreciated.



Nozawa Seisakusyo Inc.

Mitsuru Nozawa